Prostitution in Cuba
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    Fidel Castro is dead

    Fidel Castro is dead BY GLENN GARVIN Fidel Castro, who towered over his Caribbean island for nearly five decades, a shaggy-bearded figure in combat fatigues whose long shadow spread across Latin America and the world, is dead at age 90. His brother Raul announced the death late Friday night. Millions cheered Fidel Castro on […] Continue reading

    Cuba and the Perversion of Language

    Cuba and the Perversion of Language June 6, 2014 The Cuban government continues to rely on defamation and personal attacks. Alejandro Armengol* HAVANA TIMES — The campaign against dissidents, the peaceful opposition and civil society activists that the Cuban press has maintained for decades illustrates the ideological decadence of a dying regime. The means employed […] Continue reading

    ‘Una Noche’ captures Cuba’s lost generations

    Posted on Saturday, 09.14.13 ‘Una Noche’ captures Cuba’s lost generations BY MIRTA OJITO MAO35@COLUMBIA.EDU From the small screen of my iPad I glimpsed my city, and my heart sank. There was my barrio, Santos Suarez, in all its faded glory. A cruel shell of its old self. There was my old middle school in La […] Continue reading

    Cuba’s hard truths exposed

    Cuba’s hard truths exposed Lane, Friday, September 13, 1:48 AM Cholera is a potentially fatal, water-borne, gastrointestinal disease usually associated with poverty and inadequate sanitation. Some 600,000 people contracted the disease in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, 8,000 of whom died. It is not the sort of illness that you would expect to find in […] Continue reading

    Remember when Cuba was synonymous with ‘sugar’?

    March 26, 2013 Remember when Cuba was synonymous with 'sugar'? Silvio Canto, Jr. Before the so called "revolution", Havana had a baseball team called "The Sugar Kings". They were a big part of Cuban baseball history: "No ordinary minor league team, the Sugar Kings were the Cincinnati Reds' International League Class AAA affiliate based in […] Continue reading

    Cuba tries to drag shadow economy into the light

    Posted on Sunday, 07.03.11

    Cuba tries to drag shadow economy into the light
    Associated Press

    HAVANA — Want some paprika-infused chorizo sausage? How about a bit of
    buffalo mozzarella? Or maybe you just need more cooking oil this month,
    or a homemade soft drink you can afford on paltry wages. Perhaps you are
    looking for something more… Continue reading

    Artists address the chronic racism in Cuba

    Artists address the chronic racism in CubaBy Kurt Shaw, PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEWSunday, December 12, 2010 Racism always has been a hotbed issue in this country. It's also an important issue all over the world, especially in Cuba, where people of African descent have experienced significant barriers in regard to employment. An exhibit on display at the […] Continue reading

    Life after Fidel Castro’s revolution: a long fall from red dawn to black market

    December 30, 2008Life after Fidel Castro's revolution: a long fall from red dawn to black marketDavid Aaronovitch The Cuban press was having a lot of fun at capitalism's expense. The lead story in the eight-page Granma – named after the yacht that brought the young Fidel back to Cuba to begin his revolution in 1956 […] Continue reading

    The Sound of Change: Can Music Save Cuba?

    Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2008The Sound of Change: Can Music Save Cuba?By Nathan Thornburgh/Havana If this were a music video, it would start in this living room in Havana, with a tight shot of the skinny kid in the white tank top at the keyboard. He counts it off from four, and with a sort of […] Continue reading

    Cuba’s Long Black Spring

    Cuba's Long Black SpringFive years after the Castro government cracked down on the independentpress,more than 20 journalists remain behind bars for the "crime" offree expression. The island nation has paid the price of internationalisolation.The journalists and their families have paid in human misery. March 18, 2008 In her kitchen overlooking Havana's crumbling skyline, Julia NúñezPacheco [...] Continue reading

    Hip Hop Sidelined but Still Rapping

    Hip Hop Sidelined but Still Rapping
    Dalia Acosta

    HAVANA, Mar 19 (IPS) – Cuban hip hop music is past its peak, and is
    struggling to survive in a context where it lacks performance venues,
    receives only weak institutional support, and has to compete with more
    commercial music styles alien to the critical discourse that the
    movement has promoted since… Continue reading

    Country Reports on Human Rights Practices 2005


    Country Reports on Human Rights Practices – 2005
    Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor
    March 8, 2006

    Cuba, with a population of 11 million, is a totalitarian state led by a
    president, Fidel Castro, whose regime controls all aspects of life
    through the Communist Party (CP) and its affiliated mass organizations,
    the government bureaucracy, and… Continue reading

    An Eye-Opening Cuban Vacation

    An Eye-Opening Cuban Vacation
    by Humberto Fontova
    Posted Feb 03, 2006

    Please keep this in mind, friends: the following was not written by a
    “Cuban exile, Republican hard-liner, crackpot” (like me). What the
    Cuban-exile crackpot presents here is a very crude translation of an
    article printed in Oct. 25 in the Spanish newspaper El Mundo by a
    backpacking tourist from… Continue reading