Prostitution in Cuba
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    Deal with Cuba benefits only the Castros

    Deal with Cuba benefits only the Castros February 04, 2015 12:00 am  •  MONA CHAREN Cuban President Raul Castro has issued new demands for normalizing relations with the U.S. He wants us to lift the trade embargo, remove Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terror and give Cuba the U.S. naval base at […] Continue reading

    Cuba’s Long Black Spring

    Cuba's Long Black SpringFive years after the Castro government cracked down on the independentpress,more than 20 journalists remain behind bars for the "crime" offree expression. The island nation has paid the price of internationalisolation.The journalists and their families have paid in human misery. March 18, 2008 In her kitchen overlooking Havana's crumbling skyline, Julia NúñezPacheco [...] Continue reading