Prostitution in Cuba
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    Cuba’s Long Black Spring

    Cuba's Long Black SpringFive years after the Castro government cracked down on the independentpress,more than 20 journalists remain behind bars for the "crime" offree expression. The island nation has paid the price of internationalisolation.The journalists and their families have paid in human misery. March 18, 2008 In her kitchen overlooking Havana's crumbling skyline, Julia NúñezPacheco [...] Continue reading

    Little Havana Looks to Life After Castro

    Little Havana Looks to Life After Castro Yahoo! News. By Laura Wides-Munoz, Associated Press Writer. August 31, 2007. MIAMI (AP) — Travel guides list Little Havana as the heart of the Cuban exile community, the symbolic hub of opposition to Fidel Castro and a must-see neighborhood for its galleries, cigar shops and espresso stands. But [...] Continue reading

    Cuba: El Circuito castronomico

    Cuba: El Circuito castronómico2006-7-20Por Félix José Hernández.. París, 18 de julio de 2006. El periódico parisino Le Canard Enchainé, publicó un Dossier Touristique, que está a la venta, pero que se puede también encontrar al alcance de la mano en cualquier agencia turística. En efecto, yo estuve hojeando el que se encuentra en la Fnac-Voyages [...] Continue reading