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    Normalizing The Communists Who Run Cuba Makes This Survivor Sick

    Normalizing The Communists Who Run Cuba Makes This Survivor Sick
    Totalitarianism touches every aspect of every person’s life, and Cuban
    communism has been traumatic for adults and children not drunk with
    By Armando Simón
    JANUARY 16, 2017

    Ever since the death of that psychotic dictator Fidel Castro, I have
    been experiencing déjà vu. At age ten, I fled my native Cuba after the
    Communists took over and proceeded to trash the nation to make it
    conform to their totalitarian ideology. You may think that a
    ten-year-old would be ignorant of politics and not remember much, but
    totalitarianism touches every aspect of every person’s life, and it was
    traumatic for adults and children who were not drunk with fanaticism.

    Aside from the constant persecution, militarism, censorship,
    indoctrination in schools, and idiotic slogans pasted everywhere, there
    was a complete vanishing of books, comic books, good films, food,
    clothing, household items, you name it. Not only were the Communists
    psychotic murderers, they were stupidly incompetent at running the
    economy, something that they boasted of benefitting the population. In
    fact, the only ones who never lacked for anything were the Communists.
    You see, “some animals are more equal than others.”

    So my parents sent me to Florida and joined me soon thereafter. In a few
    years I was immersed in American life and culture. When I was in my late
    teens and early twenties, I slowly became exposed to Communists in
    America. In America, the Communists refuse to call themselves as such
    and refer to themselves with euphemisms like “social activists,”
    “progressives,” and “liberals” (thereby tarnishing every decent
    liberal). When they found out I was Cuban, they would grin and tell me
    how much they admired Castro, how much good he had done for the Cuban

    At the time, I thought they were misinformed, so I tried to tell them
    what it was really like. But they didn’t want to hear what I had to say,
    and nothing penetrated their skulls. They would argue with me! They had
    never lived in Cuba before the revolution, they had never visited Cuba
    after the revolution, they knew absolutely nothing about Cuba’s history,
    they knew nothing about Cuban culture, they didn’t even speak a word of
    Spanish, yet they would argue with a Cuban about Cuba! And they didn’t
    see how grotesquely stupid was their position.

    We Care About Ideology, Not People

    Later, in the 1970s, they developed a myth: that Cuba had been America’s
    colony and playground (i.e., it was a tourist destination—big deal),
    prostitution had been abolished, and it was run by the Mafia. This
    delusional mantra was overlaid with claims that the Communists had
    improved the educational system, and everyone on the island benefitted
    from a superb health system (which didn’t help my cousin from dying from
    beriberi due to malnutrition).

    They studiously ignored the tens of thousands of Cubans who fled such a
    paradise, a fifth of the population; or the instances of political
    repression that would occasionally be revealed, from Huber Matos early
    on to the present-day Ladies in White. So although they would blather
    about how much they cared about the welfare of the Cuban people, the
    reality was that they didn’t really give a damn. That was just an
    excuse. They just cared about the welfare of the Communist regime.
    President Obama’s decisions on Cuba exemplify these ideas, from
    normalizing the Cuban regime to just recently ending asylum for Cubans
    who manage to escape to the United States.

    Along this same line, no sooner had the guns gone silent in Cuba that
    Hollywood began to crank out pro-Castro and anti-exile movies: “Cuban
    Rebel Girls,” “Cuba,” “Havana,” “Scarface,” “Creature from the Haunted
    Sea,” “The Godfather 2,” “The Motorcycle Diaries,” “Che,” “Che,” and
    more “Che.” Since for leftists history is not a scholarly subject but an
    instrument for power to be manipulated and molded, historical facts were
    distorted. In one film Batista, who was a black man, was portrayed as a
    white blonde.

    Love for A Murderous Dictator Is Evil
    Since the fall of the evil empire, I did not hear much from such
    individuals, aside from occasionally coming across some ignorant jackass
    who sported a Che Guevara T-shirt. But now, with the death of that
    psychopath—yes, he was a true psychopath—they have come crawling out of
    the woodwork to heap praise on Fidel Castro, saying yes, he may have
    been a dictator but, hey, that is outweighed by how much good he did for
    the people (and the still don’t speak a word of Spanish!).

    Besides, he defied America, whereupon they indulge in abuse of the
    United States, usually by citing myths that they hold dear. Much has
    been in print, such as the comments of Canada’s Justin Trudeau, but you
    can hear some of the gushing admiration and Peter Hitchens throwing cold
    water on the admirers on YouTube.

    So it’s all coming back. I have a deep hatred for such individuals, not
    just because they are praising a murdering, dictatorial Communist
    dictator, although that is understandable in the same way as hearing
    Muslims justify pedophilia. It is also because I know full well that
    such individuals, given half the chance, would send people to either
    concentration camps or firing squads, set up book-burning bonfires, shut
    down book publishers and news sources, and establish a secret police. Of
    that, you can be sure. That benevolent-sounding pipsqueak is evil.

    So the next time you hear someone praise Castro and his minions, do me a
    favor: break their face.

    Armando Simón lives in San Antonio and is the author of “A Cuban from
    Kansas,” and, “The Only Red Star I Liked Was a Starfish.”

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