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    Is there any enemy of the United States who didn’t benefit hugely from a
    deal with Obama?
    December 31, 2015 Daniel Greenfield

    Is there any enemy of the United States who didn’t benefit hugely from a
    deal with Obama? Just as the Castro regime was in real trouble because
    of the collapse of their Venezuelan Socialist sugar daddy, Obama swooped
    in to rescue the Communist dictatorship.

    US businesses have gotten little out of the deal, despite Obama’s
    promises. But Obama didn’t do this for capitalism. He did it for the
    totalitarian Cuban socialist regime.

    When the U.S. and Cuba re-opened their embassies this year, American
    businesses started to look for opportunities on the island. They are
    quickly learning though that it will be a tough slog.

    John Kavulich, president of the U.S.-Cuba Trade and Economic Council,
    took a deep dive into the numbers and found that if you “make two
    columns and you have what the U.S. has gained and what Cuba has gained,
    Cuba has gained far more during the last year than has the U.S.”

    U.S. agricultural sales have been dropping steadily, falling by 37
    percent, while U.S. travel to Cuba skyrocketed and U.S. dollar outflows
    were up 150 percent.

    Even in the area of telecommunications, a priority for the Obama
    administration, U.S. companies have little to show but a couple of
    roaming agreements on the island.

    The Castros wanted Americans to spend money in Cuba. They’re not
    interested in opening up Cuba.

    Progressives who want child prostitutes can always go to Cuba and enjoy
    access to American financial institutions. Despite all the gushing NPR
    pieces, there’s not much to see in Cuba, except a functioning Communist
    dictatorship, old cars, rundown buildings colorfully painted (you can
    see that all across the continent) and the one thing that Cuba really

    “Some Cuban children are reportedly pushed into prostitution by their
    families, exchanging sex for money, food or gifts,” it reads. The cost
    of forbidden youth is startlingly cheap: as little as $30 for the night.

    This is what American Express and Master Card are really helping for
    when they operate in Cuba. Obama helped cover this up for obvious reasons.

    Reuters reported on Monday that senior political leaders at the State
    Department overruled the agency’s trafficking experts on the rankings of
    several countries that have failed to crack down on the modern slave
    trade for humans, including for forced labor and prostitution.

    Strategically important nations such as China, Cuba, and Malaysia—all of
    which have been accused of sponsoring or overlooking forms of forced
    labor and trafficking—received inflated assessments as a result. China
    remained a “Tier 2” country despite J/TIP’s recommendation to downgrade
    it to “Tier 3,” the lowest ranking. Both Cuba and Malaysia were upgraded
    to Tier 2 amid objections from trafficking analysts.

    Americans lose. Communist dictators win. Human rights loses. Abused
    children lose. Obama wins.

    Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center,
    is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

    Source: Castros Got More Out of Obama’s Cuba Deal Than US Did |
    Frontpage Mag –

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