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    Wrong to take Cuba off trafficking blacklist

    Activist: Wrong to take Cuba off trafficking blacklist
    Wednesday, July 29, 2015 | Chad Groening

    A Cuban-born anti-communist activist isn’t surprised the U.S. State
    Department has removed Cuba from a list of countries that fail to combat
    modern-day slavery.

    On Monday the State Department released the annual U.S. assessment of
    how 188 governments around the world have performed in fighting human
    trafficking. This year, the U.S. has taken Malaysia and Cuba off its
    blacklist of violators.

    Humberto Fontova fled Cuba in 1961 and has written several books on the
    regime. He says literally every Cuban living on the communist-controlled
    island is subject to human trafficking, even doctors.

    “When they leave the country they don’t do it on their own accord,” he
    tells OneNewsNow. “They go under coercion. The government forces them to
    go. And they don’t pay the doctors – they pay the Castro regime, which
    keeps 90 percent of what they pay them. That is human trafficking. I’m
    sorry if the Obama administration doesn’t want to term it that way.”

    Fontova says he is not surprised the State Department took Cuba off the
    list because it wanted to restore full diplomatic relations, including
    the opening of a Cuban embassy in Washington.

    “This was one of the demands of the Castro regime for the privilege of
    setting up a spy center in Washington, DC,” he says.

    Source: Activist: Wrong to take Cuba off trafficking blacklist –


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