Prostitution in Cuba
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    Prostitution in Cuba (I)

    Prostitution in Cuba (I) / Angel Santiesteban
    Posted on April 19, 2015

    Ángel Santiesteban-Prats, 31 March 2015 — In the Alamar police station
    in Havana, the stepfather of a 14-year old minor has been accused by his
    ex-wife after discovering that the man who helped her raise her daughter
    was having sexual relations with the child.

    Years after the visits of this “stepfather” to the home, where he felt
    he had the rights of a father over the girl, she discovered the love the
    child had for him. The police interrogated the parties, proving then
    what was certain, only that the minor child declared herself profoundly
    enamored of her “Papi,” that he never approached her, nor even hinted at
    anything ever.

    But the wife began to observe the way the girl dressed — because she had
    family abroad — and above all she noticed the latest-generation
    cellphone, which the girl dreamed of getting.

    Already at 14 the girl was giving away her recent-woman’s body, and she
    unlocked her virginity to that man who was 26 years older. It was barely
    noticeable when she showed her phone or the brand-name tennis shoes that
    none of the young boys of her generation could offer.

    Finally, the police determined that if they were to lock up every man
    who let himself be seduced by a minor, the prisons wouldn’t be big
    enough. Today they’re already full, and since rape wasn’t involved, it
    was permissible. And they freed him.

    “It’s normal,” said the official who led the investigation. “I’ve had
    worse cases of girls up to 12 years old who have relations with mature men.”

    The stepfather sighed, relieved.

    “Every night we detain girls practicing prostitution with the consent of
    their parents,” continued the official, who shook the stepfather’s hand
    before saying goodbye to him.

    “It’s no wonder,” he said, looking at the cellphone in the stepfather’s
    hand. “With such a weapon you can make anyone fall into bed with you.”

    Ángel Santiesteban-Prats

    Border Guard Prison Unit. Havana. February 2015.

    Translated by Regina Anavy

    Source: Prostitution in Cuba (I) / Angel Santiesteban | Translating Cuba

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