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    Rubio Says Cuban Intelligence Capability in U.S. ‘Grossly Underestimated’

    Rubio Says Cuban Intelligence Capability in U.S. ‘Grossly Underestimated’
    Alex Rogers @arogDC July 8, 2014

    Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said Tuesday that the Cuban intelligence
    presence in Washington and the United States is “grossly underestimated.”

    “I think Cuban intelligence is much more active in this country than
    people believe,” Rubio said in response to questions about New Jersey
    Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez’s claim that he was the target of a
    Cuban intelligence smear scheme. “It is in fact, one of the three or
    four most active intelligence agencies operating in the United States

    “This is an ongoing challenge for all administrations,” added Rubio, a
    Florida native of Cuban descent who sits on both the Senate Intelligence
    and Foreign Relations committees. “It’s an espionage issue. When it
    comes to intelligence gathering and the ability to carry out
    intelligence operations, the Cuban government punches well above their

    The Washington Post reported Monday night that Menendez has asked the
    Justice Department to seek evidence obtained by U.S. intelligence agents
    that the Cuban government engaged in a smear campaign that left him
    tangling with allegations he participated in pool parties with underage
    prostitutes while vacationing in the Dominican Republic. Menendez has
    been buffeted by a federal probe into whether he used his position to
    benefit the host of that trip.

    Shortly before Menendez’s reelection in 2012, the conservative website
    The Daily Caller published a story quoting two Dominican women who said
    the Senator had paid them for sex. The women later recanted their
    accounts, saying they were paid to make them up, and the FBI’s
    investigation did not confirm the prostitution claims. Menendez, the
    Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, is fiercely in favor of the
    U.S. embargo of Cuba, and he told CNN on Tuesday he “wouldn’t be
    surprised” that the Castro regime “would do anything it can to stop me.”

    Rubio said Tuesday that he has no idea if he has been targeted by Cuban
    intelligence officials.

    “Not that I know,” said Rubio. “But who knows? I think Cuban
    intelligence presence both in Washington and the U.S. is grossly

    Source: Rubio Says Cuban Intelligence Capability in U.S. ‘Grossly
    Underestimated’ | TIME –


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