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    A Brief Dictionary of Cuban Newspeak

    A Brief Dictionary of Cuban Newspeak / Regina Coyula
    Posted on March 13, 2014

    Production — that is true production — this country does not produce,
    but in the matter of being creative with language, we are champions.
    Psychologists are at the head of the invention of words, as if our
    language were sparing of synonyms. The bureaucracy cannot be more
    creative with abbreviations, but the press, the press has specialized in
    euphemisms. I invite you to add words to this incipient list.

    Newspeak / real meaning

    jinetera (jocky) = female prostitute

    pinguero (penis provider) = male prostitute

    to struggle = to steal

    diversion of resources = embezzlement

    missing = misappropriation

    extractions = evictions

    physical disappearance = important death

    self-employed = private worker

    factors = participants

    internationalism = Cuban participation in other countries’ issues

    interference = foreign countries’ participation in other countries’ issues

    temporary facilities = ¿housing?

    semi-bus = truck used to carry passengers

    modernization = leave me alone and go play somewhere else

    Translated by mlk.

    11 March 2014

    Source: A Brief Dictionary of Cuban Newspeak / Regina Coyula |
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