Prostitution in Cuba
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    Finally, A Crime or Not?

    Finally, A Crime or Not? / Cuban Law Association, Osvaldo Rodriguez Diaz
    Posted on October 30, 2013

    In Cuba prostitution is not a crime, this statement is repeated over and
    over by the media and by people who are considered to have due authority
    to do so.

    In the special part of the Penal code on crimes, this figure does not

    Thus, many ask, “How is it that there are so many who are detained for
    this type of activity?”.

    Our society, like others, suffers from it and also considers
    prostitution as a reprehensible vice, affecting morality and decency.

    This “antisocial behavior,” as it is named in the criminal law, can be
    punished with rehabilitation measures of up to four years of detention
    in certain establishments.

    These security measures, which are called “pre-criminal” and whose
    purpose is expressed in the law and complementary provisions and which
    prevent the subject from committing a crime, are imposed on prostitutes.
    So, is prostitution a crime or not?

    If the objective of these security measures is to to avoid crime, then
    what crime can be committed when a young girl dedicates herself to the
    oldest profession?

    We must look at the causes and conditions that have generated the
    excessive increase of this activity, and try to eliminate them at their

    Despite the rigor of pre-criminal security measures, with almost the
    same regulations as other punishments, although classified as protected,
    many repeat their act.

    In this area, a sad reality is presented in everything that revolves
    around prostitution, persons accused of and punished for renting a room
    to a prostitute, not for the exercise itself but as a temporary
    dwelling, or the hired driver that transfers them to where they will
    practice the oldest profession.

    The subject presented is complex, others who are licensed in the matter
    should offer their opinion in respect to this matter.

    By Osvaldo Rodríguez Díaz

    Translated by: Shane J. Cassidy

    25 October 2013

    Source: “Finally, A Crime or Not? / Cuban Law Association, Osvaldo
    Rodriguez Diaz | Translating Cuba” –

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