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    Latest Cuban Ministry of Health Statistics for HIV/AIDS

    Latest Cuban Ministry of Health Statistics for HIV/AIDS / Wendy Iriepa
    and Ignacio Estrada
    Posted on September 22, 2013

    Total number of people living with HIV/AIDS: 18,261
    Total foreigners detected: 675

    Total Persons with HIV/AIDS: 8,660
    Diagnosed 2012: 625
    Total AIDS Cases: 3,765
    People Living with HIV/AIDS: 6,982
    Ambulatory Care System: 5,988

    Total deaths: 1,434
    Deaths from AIDS: 1,321
    Deaths from Other Causes: 113

    Children in the Study: 74
    HIV-positive children: 16

    Average Age of Most Affected: 20 – 24

    Infected practicing transactional sex: 641, which is 7.3% of infected
    cases .

    Province with greatest number of persons engaged in prostitution:
    Las Tunas with 116 cases; 27.4 %
    Holguin 138 cases; 17.5 %
    Camagüey 130 cases;17 %
    Cienfuegos 74 cases; 17 %
    Isle of Youth 25 cases; 14.4 %
    Santa Clara – Figure Unconfirmed
    Santiago de Cuba – Figure Unconfirmed
    Guantanamo – Figure Unconfirmed
    Havana – Population cannot be estimated because of transience.

    In 2012 in Cuba 108 HIV-positive women gave birth.

    Major Causes of Death :
    – Poor Adherence to Therapeutics
    – Loss of Observation
    – Late Diagnosis

    Cuba keeps open a total of 3 Sanitariums from a total of 14 that existed
    from the 1980s through 2005.

    Cuba today has a total of 6 Prisons for Prisoners with HIV/AIDS compared
    to one existing at the end of the 1990s in the city of Santa Clara.

    With a varying criminal population, between 400-675 inmates have
    HIV/AID; fewer of them are women. One of the routes of infection is
    self-inoculation [in regular prisons to escape that prison environment].

    Cuba offers Antiretroviral Treatment to about 5,000 people. They have a
    CD4 cell count below 350.

    Cuba has never been able to reduce nor has it shown a reduction in the
    rate of diagnosis since the diagnosis of the first cases. This figure is
    constantly growing.

    8 July 2013

    Source: “Latest Cuban Ministry of Health Statistics for HIV/AIDS / Wendy
    Iriepa and Ignacio Estrada | Translating Cuba” –

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