Prostitution in Cuba
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    To the Outraged / Lilianne Ruíz

    To the Outraged / Lilianne RuízLilianne Ruíz, Translator: Unstated I understand that Western countries, where the government emerges from a multi-party democracy, must have their problems. Here the scriptwriters of any news report broadcast are very pleased when they comment on (because they almost never let you hear the voices of the international reporters) the […] Continue reading

    Turismo sexual

    Turismo sexual[21-03-2012]Pedro Argüelles MoránPreso de Conciencia del Grupo de los 75, Red Cubana de Comunicadores Comunitarios ( El turismo sexual es un vetusto estigma que se viene practicando en Cuba desde hace muchos años, pero que se incrementó a partir del fin del período especial, o sea, la desaparición de la Unión Soviética y el [...] Continue reading

    Set-Dumpling-Butterball in a Little Neighborhood Whorehouse / Dora Leonor Mesa

    Set-Dumpling-Butterball in a Little Neighborhood Whorehouse / Dora Leonor MesaDora Leonor Mesa, Translator: Unstated The idea is widespread of a Cuba that opens its doors to foreigners. In my judgment, the presence of a unknown foreign accompanying our young people causes any family more concern than pleasure. Reasons abound. The visit and statements in Amsterdam's […] Continue reading

    Cerdos y prostitución informativa

    Cerdos y prostitución informativaLunes, Marzo 12, 2012 | Por Ernesto García Díaz LA HABANA, Cuba, marzo, -En la prensa oficialista cubana siguen apareciendo elementos sobre la ineficiencia del régimen comunista para producir alimentos y sustituir importaciones. Al respecto, los publicistas del régimen señalan que, si las cosas andan mal, no es por culpa de [...] Continue reading

    Censorship maven fails in Cuba

    Posted: Sun, Mar. 4, 2012, 3:01 AM Censorship maven fails in CubaBy Glenn Garvin Chalk up another victory for the greeting-card cartel: Valentine's Day now goes on for weeks, months, even decades – at least when it comes to the American left and the Castro brothers. The latest love letter to Havana comes from Peter […] Continue reading