Prostitution in Cuba
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    FábulaJueves, Enero 12, 2012 | Por Aleaga PesantLA HABANA, Cuba, enero, www.cubanet -Somnoliento, Arturo mira con despreocupación hacia la calle, a través de la ventana de la guagua. En una parada, una mano femenina toca en su ventana:... Continue reading

    A Chip Off The Old Block: Che’s Daughter / Ángel Santiesteban

    A Chip Off The Old Block: Che's Daughter / Ángel SantiestebanAngel Santiesteban, Translator: Unstated As if by agreement, Mariela Castro flatters the Dutch system of prostitution in the Amsterdam red light district, and Aleida Guevara (both without highlighting they'd come from the most advantaged sperm of their fathers who fertilized the eggs of their mothers), […] Continue reading

    Eleven News Stories Not Reported in Cuba in 2011 / Ernesto Morales Licea

    Eleven News Stories Not Reported in Cuba in 2011 / Ernesto Morales LiceaErnesto Morales Licea, Translator: Unstated 1. The Arab spring Only when the events in Egypt exceeded the predictions, did the Cuban press note (with tweezers) some isolated incidents. Nor had it published anything earlier about the riots in Tunisia and Yemen, nor did […] Continue reading