Prostitution in Cuba
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    Cuba follows Sweden to combat prostitution

    Cuba follows Sweden to combat prostitution
    Published: 11 Nov 11 08:13 CET

    Cuba is considering implementing the Swedish example in fighting
    prostitution by penalizing the clients rather than the sex workers,
    Cuban sexologist Mariela Castro said Thursday.

    "Sweden has done a really admirable job and even organizations like
    CENESEX (Cuban National Center for Sex Education) and the Federation of
    Cuban Women would like to emulate the Swedish experience," said Castro,
    daughter of President Raul Castro, in an interview posted on YouTube on

    Castro made her remarks following a trip to the Netherlands, where she
    visited Amsterdam's infamous Red Light District.

    The sixth Cuban congress on Sex Education, Sex Therapy and Sexual
    Orientation would take place January 23-26, and according to Castro this
    would be "a very good opportunity to relaunch the debate on prostitution."

    Some 100,000 prostitutes worked in Cuba before the 1959 revolution,
    according to official figures.

    Following a fierce crackdown by the Castro regime, prostitution
    reappeared with the severe economic crisis that hit the island following
    the fall of the Soviet Union.

    The 49-year-old sexologist, who heads CENESEX, said that "the Dutch
    experience cannot be replicated" on the communist island, but stressed
    that Cuba "is considering implementing the Swedish approach, which since
    1999 has penalized the client and decriminalized the sex worker."

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