Prostitution in Cuba
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    Cuba’s Thriving Black Market Covers Almost Everything

    Cuba's Thriving Black Market Covers Almost Everything
    Submitted by Prakash Sharma on Thu, 07/07/2011 – 13:09

    In a country like Cuba where almost everything goes so systematized,
    every economic activity is very well regulated and where supermarkets
    and ration shops may have run short of basic grocery items such as
    sugar, toilet papers or eggs but even then you can get nearly almost
    every item in Cuba's flourishing black market, if you have a good contact.

    Black market has for now seemingly involved almost every one into its
    ambit, with almost every person to have used the services rendered by
    the black marketers amid the utmost need they may have felt during the
    scarcity of the same in the market.

    In most of the developed countries, the black market may have meant to
    sell something that is either barred or not allowed for sale and most of
    the times it is dominated by drugs, bootleg DVDs and prostitution but in
    Cuba, it altogether another wing of it coming into view with almost
    everything available in the black market.

    It is now found that various new jobs including food vendor, wedding
    photographer, manicurist and construction worker that have been existing
    for years and notably have been applied for licenses by the people who
    have already been serving the people by offering the same service under
    the table.

    Considering the ambit of black market to have gone wider, the President
    Raúl Castro has persuaded some black market operators to play by the
    rules and pay taxes and is now making consistent efforts to persuade
    almost each one to continue offering their service but with license.

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