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    Cuban blacks and mulattos the main victims of Raul Castro’s reforms

    Thursday, May 12th 2011 – 06:28 UTC

    Cuban blacks and mulattos the main victims of Raul Castro's reforms

    Cuban blacks and mulattos will suffer the most with the elimination of a
    million government jobs, which could easily become a racial problem,
    consequence of the radical reforms imposed, and 'must be addressed as a
    priority', points out a report from Cuban academic Esteban Morales.

    "They have always been, historically, the sectors with the least
    qualification, the least favoured in employment, holding the worst jobs,
    the lowest pay and the most modest old age pensions", said Morales in
    reference to Cuban blacks and mulattos.

    President Raul Castro is going ahead with 313 reforms which have the
    full backing from the Communist Party and include the elimination of a
    million government jobs in five years in an attempt to make efficient a
    worn out degraded centralized economic model.

    The redundant workers will have to look for jobs in other productive
    sectors of the economy such as agriculture and construction, or with the
    private or cooperative sectors.

    Morales a political scientist, economist and columnist who happens to be
    black and has many books written on Cuba's racial and discrimination
    problems continues to be entirely identified with the revolution speared
    by Fidel Castro in spite of the fact he was fired from the Communist
    Party for exposing wide spread corruption.

    Afro-Cubans are also "the least absorbed by the so called new economy"
    (tourism, mixed enterprises, cooperatives) and "who can less balance
    their family income from outside remittances", since most of the Cuban
    emigrants (mostly in the US) are white.

    In his study, "Challenges for colour as part of the debate on
    Socialism", Morales points out that given this situation "some tend to
    take refuge in pagan rites as a way of making a profit, illicit
    activities, pimps and prostitution and the sale of smuggled or pilfered

    Morales says that according to the latest census, 65% of the Cuban
    population is white and 35% black or mixed, but 57% of the jail
    population is black or mulatto and 42% white.

    The expert argues that the racial and discrimination problem in Cuba is
    real and is an issue with "political views in collision course", and
    therefore demands an open debate with the participation of public
    opinion, the Communist party, Parliament, political organizations and

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