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    Dissident’s daughter jailed on charge of prostitution

    Posted on Thursday, 04.22.10
    Dissident's daughter jailed on charge of prostitution

    HAVANA, Cuba, April 22 (Dania Virgen García, –
    Dissident Carmen Bermúdez Arrieta says her 25-year-old daughter has been
    sentenced to two years in an internment camp on a trumped up charge of

    She said her daughter, Daimis Ruiz Bermúdez, was arrested by a police
    officer March 27 as she came out of a discotheque in Guabana, east of
    Havana. She said Daimis was booked after refusing to acknowledge an act
    of prostitution by signing a police warning.

    Shed said she arrived at court just as her daughter's sentence of two
    years in the Red Flag Camp in Güira de Melena was being read. She said
    the sentence was an "injustice" and probably a reprisal for her own
    militancy in the opposition Cuban Liberal Movement.

    Unlicensed street vendor fined for selling chili peppers SANTA CLARA,
    Cuba, April 22 (Yoel Espinosa / – Roberto García, 65,
    says he was arrested on Tuesday and fined 60 pesos for selling chili
    peppers grown in his garden.

    Because he doesn't have a street vendors license, he was arrested by
    police in a patrol car on the outskirts of Santa Clara. Besides the
    fine, he was warned his bicycle would be confiscated next time.

    "I have a small garden and I sell what I grow," he said. "With the
    little that I earn, I pay for the electricity and I buy food. I'm not
    hurting anybody."

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