Prostitution in Cuba
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    Monthly Archives: March 2008

    A Dangerous Situation

    6 de marzo de 2008 A Dangerous Situation By Laritza Diversent HAVANA, Cuba – The situation on the ground today in Cuba is extremelydangerous and delicate. It has been clouded now by the widelypredicted, but diffuse renunciation, of Fidel Castro to the main peoplein charge of running the country. The new government has tried to [...] Continue reading

    Cuba’s Long Black Spring

    Cuba's Long Black SpringFive years after the Castro government cracked down on the independentpress,more than 20 journalists remain behind bars for the "crime" offree expression. The island nation has paid the price of internationalisolation.The journalists and their families have paid in human misery. March 18, 2008 In her kitchen overlooking Havana's crumbling skyline, Julia NúñezPacheco [...] Continue reading

    Transvestites and Crossdressers Key Workers Against AIDS

    CUBA: Transvestites and Crossdressers Key Workers Against AIDSBy Dalia Acosta PINAR DEL RIO, Cuba, Mar 17 (IPS) – Activism against AIDS is uniting a group of transvestites and crossdressers in western Cuba in a project that is going beyond peer education and making inroads into the world of culture. "The time has come to take [...] Continue reading

    Castro’s Cuba was no place for a socialist like me

    Castro's Cuba was no place for a socialist like meNeil ClarkWednesday, 20th February 2008 Neil Clark says that he went to Havana in search of a left-wing Utopia and discovered instead an island fortress of poverty, corruption and currency apartheid It's a country where the vast majority live in poverty, while a tiny, corrupt elite [...] Continue reading